scary moments along the way

when you dare to think one of your pics is good – not just “not terrible” but actually good
when you dare to think some of your pics are good
when you dare to set up a web home for your pics
when you give them titles, as though you were some kind of… artist or something…
when you start thinking of maybe setting up an online shop, because you think maybe there’ll be people wanting your pics and willing to pay for them
when you get one of your photos printed professionally and it looks great in lustre and you feel like: how come I’m suddenly using grown-up words like that?
when you put your own pic in a frame because you need to tell yourself that yes, some of your pics are worth framing
when you decide to get greeting cards printed professionally, using your own photo
and all along there’s that voice whispering in your ear: who do you think you are?
and you tell it to shut up and you add a copyright symbol by your name at the back of the greeting card you’re designing
and you cry
and you still do it anyway
because there’s a part of you that is daring to believe

2 thoughts on “scary moments along the way

  1. I love that! And I love the fact that you’re daring. I love sending out cards I’ve designed and printed myself and yes, with my copyright symbol on the back just because I can. You go, girl!


    • Thanks, Tint, you’re always so encouraging! I’m so new to all this, and so… unsure of myself… but there are times when I look at a pic and feel really good about it. and I have had positive reactions from people so… I need to go with that. but it’s scary.


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