2 thoughts on “Christmas – what’s it all about? (for you)

  1. The whole (western) world going mad in consumerism. I normally shop for a nuclear storm in late november, and don’t come out until January.
    Of course I can’t carry enough of my fav rosé wine, so I do sneak out once in a while to get a 3 l. box.
    When we were closer to nature Yule was about the times changing, days getting lighter and so on, but for me the hard part comes after that. Guess it was the same for the early Christians; just to stay a bit on topic with your blog ;) I’m not that familiar with any of the Holy books, but we’ve got a lot of sorry sounding holidays in the first quarter of the year.
    For example in Danish Good Friday is called Long Friday, which I think is more correct historically, religiously and TV-wisely – hmm.
    A couple of hundred years ago we had so many holidays in that quarter, that the powers that were decided to mash them all into one: “Store Bededag” = “Big Day of Prayers”. Then we ate wheat bread “Hvedebrød”, probably as a celebration of the last crop in store, and the new to come.
    So Christianity/Paganism, it’s all Greek to me, as long as we keep our inner minds – souls if you like – and stay good to eachother.


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