Looking back with joy

Yesterday, with it being New Year and all that, I spent several happy hours going through my 2013 photos on Google+ and forcing myself to pick favourites, narrowing it down to 50 so as not to overwhelm people with a huge album. It was fun browsing, seeing some old favourites and also seeing my progress – there are shots that I was really pleased with at the time but now I see their flaws and think: I would have edited this one a bit more/I wouldn’t have shared that one at all/I would have shot this differently.

I find it hard to imagine that this time last year I still very much didn’t see myself as a photographer. I smiled as I came across a comment from a friend on one of my February pics, saying: your photography is getting really good. It was a stage in learning – I was taking part in a photography challenge that month, and learning so much from it! Up to then, it was all just spontaneous, totally unplanned. But here I was setting up shots, choosing backgrounds, trying out different ways of shooting the same object, trying different ways of post processing – yes, that abc challenge took me way out of my comfort zone and got me to grow! (I included one of those shots in my top favourites album – the coke zero shot, which I did for the letter Z at the end. We were doing one letter of the alphabet each day.)

So here we are – the first January in which I can look back on a year of photography and feel really really good about it. I’m embedding my G+ post here, with the Top 50 album, so you can browse and enjoy! (and if you want to see my pics regularly and you’re not on G+, feel free to subscribe to my pics blog, where I usually post one image a day.)

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