but how can you know?

I was sitting with my morning coffee and, as is my habit, I took my glasses off for a while. I find it helps me to focus on God better, when I’m not distracted by what I’m seeing – it’s one advantage of being short-sighted, that I can easily blur the world around me, just by taking my glasses off.

I’ve been talking to someone online recently about the epistemology of God: how can you know the truth about God? and I feel it’s related to that bit about taking your glasses off.

We all look at the world around us through certain lenses – starting out, I guess, with the lenses our parents and teachers give us, and possibly (not always) later discovering some other glasses that perhaps other people introduce us to, or perhaps we discover them through a book we read or a movie that gets us thinking in a new way or whatever.

The guy I’ve been talking to is used to looking at the world through the lenses of scientific observation, which are great if you’re trying to figure out how bacteria infect someone’s body or how rain happens or stuff like that, but if you want to find out the truth about God then you need to take those glasses off for a moment and use different ones. Which is difficult if you’re only used to using this particular set of glasses, and you aren’t even aware of the existence of other lenses.

You wouldn’t use a microscope to try and study the stars. You wouldn’t use a telescope to learn about germs. You need to use the right tools for different subjects you’re wanting to learn about.

You need to use your spiritual eyes and ears to find out about God.

I may come back to this and say more another day. For now, this is what I wanted to say here.

p.s. so I did come back and say more – I’m starting a series:

part 2


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