Someone recently asked me how I hear God

A conversation on G+ just reminded me of this old post.

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We were talking about meeting a potential spouse and how we decide if they’re the right person. How did I decide? he asked me. Well, it was easy, I said, I just asked God and he said yes.That’s when the question came up: how do I hear God?

The short answer is: it varies. God isn’t like some kind of machine – punch the right buttons, turn the knob to the correct position, and you will get what you want. There isn’t some sort of magic word, there isn’t a particular position you have to be in (kneel/clasp your hands/stand up/sit down/wave your arms in the air/etc etc) – but oh, how we humans would love it if there was, wouldn’t we! How much more comfortable we would feel if we could know that if only we did XYZ and did them correctly, God would do what we ask.

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