The Old Map

A conversation with a Christian friend just reminded me of this allegory I wrote a long while ago. It kind of illustrates part of my faith journey:

When I first met God and started reading the Bible, I was very excited. But my excitement was dampened by people around me – who sincerely regarded themselves as Christians – who seemed to take it all with a big pinch of salt. It was only 12 years later – back home in Israel – that I finally met a bunch of people who take the Bible seriously. It was a huge relief to find that yes, it is okay to believe this stuff!

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Just found something I wrote back in 2002, around the time when I was finally born again after 12 years in the church. (I wrote about this here.)

Imagine this…

You’ve heard of a very beautiful and special town and you’ve decided you want to go there. You ask someone for directions, someone who seems to know about that town. He takes you on a train and, after a few stops, says, ‘OK, this is where we get off.’

You get off the train and begin to settle in in this new place. You find somewhere to live, get a job, and find out where the shops are. There’s an old map you’ve carried with you, a map you found in the library back home – this map had sparked your interest in that special town and made you want to go there. But as you try to use…

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