Fish out of water

Someone I love very much was telling me about stuff she’s struggling with right now, a big decision she has to make and is finding so stressful that it’s affecting her sleep.

How to cope? I expect other people in my shoes would have offered all sorts of tips, and sometimes I do but there are moments when I feel: no, I can’t pussyfoot around the main issue, I can’t keep telling you about ways of making your life-without-God a bit more manageable and a bit less difficult, because really, Jesus is the answer and without him it’s like you’re trying to live without the most essential thing, it’s as though I saw a fish floundering on a riverbank and I told it to take deeper breaths or to imagine itself in a nice pool of water or… you know, the fish isn’t meant to live outside the water and neither are we humans meant to cope with life independently of God.

and Jesus is the only way to the Father.

Will your life suddenly become easy and simple and pain-free when you put your faith in Jesus? No. But you will no longer be alone with your pain and your difficulties, you will have an intimate, loving relationship with the Creator of the Universe – who becomes your father when you’re born again through faith in Jesus.

and when you need wisdom about a decision, you’ll be able to ask the Father for wisdom and trust him, and he will give you peace even in the middle of pain or stress or whatever.

Life is tough. We’re not meant to survive it in our own limited strength. We were made for a relationship with God, a relationship of dependency and of trust. Sure, there are all sorts of ways of making life less tough but those ways are all very limited, and it’s silly thrashing and floundering on the riverbank when we could get in the water and return to the way we were meant to live.

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