not dead

wow, have I really not posted here for nearly a month?

not for want of ideas – just haven’t found the time to work on those ideas and turn them into blog posts.

partly it’s a question of having my fingers in so many pies – there’s my Hebrew blog, there’s Google+ (where I post much much more, as my criteria for what’s appropriate to post there are much more loose than my blogging criteria) (in other words: pretty much anything that comes to my mind gets thrown at my poor innocent G+ followers) (I hate that word, by the way), there’s the art/photography side, and, hey, there’s life too… and being an INFP my tendency is to flit from one thing to another, ideas buzz around in my head and there’s no knowing which one will come to land at any given time.

it’s a good job I know God is in control, and when he wants me to write about something in particular he knows how to get my attention despite all those bees buzzing around :)

anyway, just thought I’d say hi and tell you that I’m alive, not dead, not even hibernating – spring is on its way, the crocuses in our next door neighbour’s garden are in flower, and my SAD is on its way out. hooray for the days getting longer, for sunshine and warmth and flowers and spring! thank you God for all the beauty and joy of spring, and thank you for getting me through another winter!


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