why do I celebrate Passover?

It’s that time of year in the Jewish calendar – yesterday I did a massive shop at the supermarket, my fridge is nearly bursting with food, my husband has kindly brought the food processor down for me so that I can make the charoseth today in preparation for tomorrow’s Seder – but some may wonder: why do I do it? They know I’m not, by any stretch of the imagination, what’s called an observant Jew (and never have been). They know I’m a follower of Jesus and they think I’d be celebrating Easter and not this other stuff. So why?

I wrote about it a couple of years ago: yes, Mum, I do a Seder every year. Read on. (spoiler: it’s actually because of my faith in Jesus. yes, really.)

p.s. happy Passover to those who celebrate. and happy Resurrection Day to those who rejoice in the risen Saviour!


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