Why I’m sticking with the old editor

Dear WordPress,

I really did try to learn to like the new editor, but…

The old editor remembers my default Post Format, whereas the new one is set to Standard so I have to keep remembering to change it every time. Which wouldn’t be so difficult if the relevant setting wasn’t so low down on the page that I don’t see it if I don’t deliberately go looking.

And in the old editor I can move things around, so if there’s a setting I use more often I can have it nearer the top – with the new editor everything is rigidly stuck in place.

Also, as I mentioned in that other post, visually the old editor is a lot lot lot more pleasant, there’s good contrast so I don’t have to squint – it feels a lot more inspiring. (And I do like having that side menu so I can easily go do other things when I’m done drafting a post. The new one requires more clicks for this kind of navigation.)

In short, I totally don’t buy the idea that the new editor is an improvement. Sorry.


a blogger who is doggedly continuing to use the old editor, even though you’ve been making it harder and harder to find it.

P.S. I also tweeted this to WordPress and got an encouraging reply:

“Thanks for pointing that out! I reported that issue with the default post format to our team so we can investigate that.”

P.P.S They’ve fixed it! Well done, WordPress – the new editor is now showing my default post format! (and they tweeted back to tell me!) 31/7/15


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