Impressed with WordPress

I’ve been doing a bit of work behind the scenes, trying to reorganise my blogs a bit (yes, again…) – I used the free WordPress tools to export some posts from this blog and import them to a different one.

And what I’m seriously impressed with is this:

I was concerned that when doing the import side of things I’d be flooding my blog followers with notifications of new posts – that they’d be bombarded by emails about all these old posts I was importing. But it turns out that WordPress is a lot more clever than I’d bargained for, and they don’t email subscribers when it’s an import! Yay! (I signed up to follow my own blog just so that I could see what the emails to subscribers look like. I got an email about my latest real post, but nothing whatsoever about the 30 old ones I’d imported.)

Very very pleased about that! Well done, WordPress!

(I still have some more work to do behind the scenes before this restructuring is totally over and done with. Once it’s over I’ll make the official announcement. Watch this space!)


1 thought on “Impressed with WordPress

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