Done and dusted

So, all that blog restructuring I’d been talking about – it’s done now, and I feel so much better for it.

Things you might notice (but most of you probably won’t, which is totally fine): some posts have disappeared, and so has the Contact page. The disappeared posts can all be found on a separate blog which I set up a few years ago for stuff I write specifically for Christians. I’ve retired it now, but am leaving the content there in case any of it is helpful for anyone.

Why have I removed the Contact page? Because even though I had explained what it was for, people kept using it for other stuff and it got too stressful for me. Each and every time someone used it, I’d have to spend time thinking about how to respond (and even whether or not to respond) and the questions were usually not the kind of questions I’m interested in dealing with. It’s different when someone posts a comment on one of my blog posts – then it’s part of the public discussion, and if I take the time to respond to their question then there’s a chance that others may benefit too. Answering someone privately, and mostly not even getting a thank you – especially when it’s not about the sort of stuff I’m interested in discussing – it takes too much out of me and it’s time and energy I could otherwise devote to what I’m really here for.

It’s not easy being a blogger who actually cares :)

And those posts I moved to the other blog? It may sound weird but I was getting really tired of seeing the same old post showing up in my stats as the top viewed post, one that I’d written to clarify one small point about Hebrew usage in the Bible but it was getting so much traffic and I just felt like yelling: hey, people, this isn’t what I’m here for, it’s not what my blog is about, I’m not some kind of Bible teacher or scholar and if this is what you’re searching for then you’ve got the wrong person.

So I’ve transferred that stuff to that other blog and I’m looking forward to my stats no longer showing this:




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