Beauty, with smudges

I was sitting and looking through the big window in the back, looking at the beautiful sky – a lovely blue sky with fluffy white clouds, my view spoiled by a little smudge on the outside of the window.

It seemed like a picture of what life is like in this world we live in – a world that God made beautiful, smudged by human sin.

Thank you, God, for all the beauty. And thank you that you are so gracious towards us that even though we rebelled – and how crazy it is to rebel against such a loving God! – even though we rebelled, you provided us with a way back, a way to turn back to you and enjoy your abundant love. The cost to you was so great that I can’t begin to imagine loving anyone enough to go through so much pain for them – thank you that you do love us that much.

I’m sorry we have smudged your world so badly, and we keep doing it. The beautiful view is constantly spoiled by human sin – selfishness, greed, hatred, the insistence on going our own way and ignoring you, the desire for control, for independence… I’m sorry for the many years I lived that way. I’m sorry for the times I still slip into that mentality even now. I know I can’t actually clean that window myself – I thank you that you can, I thank you that through Jesus you’ve made me clean and that one day he’s going to come back and make the whole world perfect again.

smudged beauty

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