Love your neighbour – what does that mean?

As a Christian I’m commanded to love other people as I love myself. What does that mean?

Loving someone means wanting what’s best for them. It means loving them despite their faults. It doesn’t mean pretending they have no faults – just as I don’t pretend I have no faults myself.

If I were to point a finger at someone while pretending I’m perfect, that would be wrong. If I pretended that I’m better than someone else, more righteous, more deserving of God’s love – that would be wrong.

But I don’t have to pretend that you’re perfect. That would be wrong too.

We’re none of us perfect. And God’s love is available to all – undeserved, not dependant on us being good enough, because we’re not.

And it doesn’t matter what particular kind of sin you’re personally prone to. We’re all in this together – whether we steal or gossip or call someone an idiot when we get angry on the road or whatever. Sin is part of the way humans function. That’s why we all need the Saviour.


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