Testing (yay, it worked)

Let’s see if I can use Edge for blogging. Will it behave itself with WordPress, or will it do that nonsense it does on G+, deleting my line spacing between paragraphs?

Ah, it may work with WP because here the line spacing is automatic, without me doing an extra carriage return. Let’s see.

Yes! How cool. This means I can use Edge as my spare one now. Chrome is my main browser, and for a while I was using Firefox as a spare, but at some stage I started having problems with WordPress on FF – it goes into a crazy loop, saying it’s loading but going on forever.

Why do I need a spare? Because I have two WordPress accounts that I use regularly and I can’t be bothered to keep logging in and out. (I also blog in Hebrew, and have a separate WP account for that.) This way I can stay signed in under both identities – each in a separate browser.

If you’re reading this and wondering what Edge is – it’s the shiny new browser that Microsoft have brought out, which amazingly is rather sleek and user friendly and functional. (I say “amazingly” because, well, Internet Explorer. Need I say more? Also, I’ve never been a Microsoft fan.)

Edge comes built-in with Windows 10, to which I upgraded on Monday and since then I’ve been exploring the changes. So far, so good – only ran into minor problems which were easy to fix. And yay, a shiny new browser!

P.S. On the other hand, Edge doesn’t seem to know how to handle WordPress in Hebrew :(

P.P.S. I spoke too soon. I left Edge open (with only 11 browser tabs, so really, it’s not like I was asking it to do what grown-up browsers do…) and it got stuck. Completely and utterly stuck. Wouldn’t respond to anything – wouldn’t even let me use the X in the corner to close it! I had to use the task manager to force it to close down. Not impressed. It looked nice and shiny but…

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