Oh, but Christianity is so absurd…

for the record: yes, there is stuff the Bible says about God that sounds crazy, absurd, ridiculous, impossible – that’s actually part of why I’m so convinced that it’s true.

you know that phrase we throw around – “you couldn’t make this up”…

that is, to me, one big reason to believe the Gospel.

when human beings make up religions, they tend to make up stuff that makes sense to them.

but the Gospel of Jesus Christ? the idea that God would become a human being just so that he could die a horrible death to atone for the sins of mankind? no way. that’s far too crazy. unthinkable. outrageous. the way humans tend to go is either inventing a terrifying deity that people have to try very hard to pacify, or inventing a deity that’s so soft and cuddly that sin doesn’t matter and there’s no hell. the concept of God minding very much about sin but loving us so much that he took the punishment we deserve – this combination of grace and justice – it’s unthinkable.

and I thank God so much for being so outrageously gracious and loving.

One thought on “Oh, but Christianity is so absurd…

  1. Then there’s that other phrase we throw around, the sanitised version of which runs: if it looks like a duck, and waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck…it probably IS a duck….


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