Yay for WordPress support!

This isn’t the first time I say this – but tonight it comes with an extra twist: tonight I tried their live chat option and it was great!

If you blog on WordPress, you may have seen that thing showing up in the bottom right hand corner, saying: howdy, how can we help? in that very wordpressy way… I’d seen it a zillion times, but tonight, as I struggled with a new theme I’d decided to try on one of my blogs, I saw that thing again and thought: why not…

So I typed something in, and got an immediate response from a very nice human being, who asked intelligent questions about what I was trying to do, made helpful suggestions and listened when I explained why those wouldn’t work for me, tried her best to see if there was any other solution to my problem, and really left no stone unturned in trying to work out how I could achieve what I was trying to achieve.

And later, looking at my email inbox, I found an email from WordPress with a transcript of that conversation – so helpful!

Every now and again I’m reminded why I love blogging on WordPress.


2 thoughts on “Yay for WordPress support!

  1. Sounds great. I don’t see that button in my blog (I guess it would be in the bottom left hand corner). Maybe it is only available for blogs written in English.


    • it’s not a button, it comes up now and again – I guess when the software gets the impression I may be fiddling around and may need help. (but also entirely possible that it’s only available in English. They’d need enough Hebrew speakers on staff to make it doable.) (Come to think of it, I don’t remember ever seeing it when working on my Hebrew blog.)


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