the first step is admitting…

so there was this guy who was very powerful, he was king and he could basically do whatever he liked – nobody would dare to stand in his way. he saw a woman and fancied her, and hey, so what if she’s married and her husband is away fighting a war that you, dear king, sent him to fight…

the plot thickened a bit and this king ended up getting the woman’s husband killed so he, the king, could take her for his wife.

he was king. he was powerful. he could get away with anything…

it reminds me of something that I was once considering doing and a friend said: no one would blame you if you do this. and since I did actually do it I can now speak from experience and say: no one except for God and my conscience, and really that’s what matters in the end.

this king I was talking about? he found the same thing. a prophet of God came to see him and pointed out the wrong of what he had done. his reaction was (at least in part) recorded in Psalm 51, where David comes to his senses and speaks wisely:

he admits that he has done wrong, and that’s such an important step – but (thank God!) that’s not the end of the story. when we acknowledge our sin, we need also to know this: that God is merciful, and that he can blot out our transgressions and wash us clean!

that thing I did, the thing my friend thought no one would blame me for but later I found that both God and my conscience disagreed? I’ve been able to put it behind me and carry on living because, through Jesus, I’ve received God’s forgiveness and been washed clean. I’ve done plenty that’s wrong – but the blood of Jesus is the atoning sacrifice which covers all my sins! again and again I can keep coming to him, like David back then, saying: against you, God, have I sinned – be gracious to me and blot out my transgressions, wash me and I will be clean!

and again and again, he does.



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