my blue plastic box, and other jumbled thoughts from this evening’s sermon

thank you Jesus that you have given me the promise of undeserved citizenship in heaven. thank you that just as I know that one day I’ll die, thanks to you I know that I will live forever. you’ve promised you were going to prepare a place for us and that you yourself would take us there, and what joy it is to know that – – –

an image that came to my mind when hearing the sermon in church this evening – as our pastor was talking about storing riches in heaven (as opposed to the very temporary and perishable treasures we accumulate on earth) – I was reminded of my blue plastic box:

a long time ago I had what I think of as my nomadic era – a time when I was moving around from place to place, living in a spare room here or there, not having my own home and therefore needing to travel light. some friends who had a big house with a big loft kindly offered to store stuff for me. and now, years later, settled in the comfort of this house where I’ve been living for over a decade, I have a visual aid to remind me of those days – I have a blue plastic box which has my name on it in black marker pen. It’s one of the boxes I’d used for storing my stuff in these people’s loft.

I don’t know how long it will be before I’ll get to check out what’s waiting in store for me in Jesus’ loft, c/o heaven. But I know that he is totally trustworthy and that nothing can destroy what Jesus has prepared for me, and when I get there it will be utterly wonderful.

– – –

on a different note: you know how Jesus has this habit of saying stuff like “fear not” and “do not worry” and it sounds nice and comforting and then you read the whole context and it’s actually a challenge?

this evening’s sermon was on a passage from Luke 12. it included a bit I was very familiar with – all that stuff about not worrying about food and clothes, remember God feeds the birds and clothes the flowers – a lovely and comforting bit until you see that it comes in the middle of a challenging spiel about getting your perspective right, remembering that all this material stuff is just temporary and perishing just as this body you’re living in is temporary and perishing and it’s not so much a hippy-style “chill out, man” kind of “don’t worry” but a stark reminder that if this is the sort of thing you’re wasting energy worrying about then you’re in for a nasty shock when this temporary existence ends and you enter eternity.

seek first God’s kingdom – that’s the challenge. get your eyes focused on what’s of eternal importance. and keep them focused on that.

– – –

and also: as a Christian I have the privilege of asking God for stuff, knowing that I can approach his throne and call him Father and that he listens to my prayers. how do I use this privilege? the guy in the beginning of this passage was speaking to Jesus, who is God and can give you access to the Kingdom of Heaven if you ask him, and yet all he asked for was perishable material stuff. not that it’s wrong to ask God for bread if you’re hungry and in need, but: perspective, priorities. seek first his kingdom. your Father knows what you need.

– – –

end of jumbled post-church thoughts. if any of this is of help to anyone else then great. I just needed to put these thoughts out there.


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