apply detergent, rinse and repeat

It never ceases to amaze me how good we humans are at burying our heads in the sand and finding weird and wonderful ways of ignoring stuff we just really really really don’t want to face.

So I find that I’m perfectly capable of listening intently to a good sermon in church and coming home filled with a need to put what I heard into words and blog a whole splurge of thoughts – which are all related to some of what was said in the sermon, but on Monday I realise that I’d managed to skirt round the main point, because, well, it was a challenging point and it’s much more pleasant to discuss the other bits, the ones that don’t confront me with God shining his big torch on my innermost being and saying: look at this big messy blot of sin right there…

Of course being a person who has been saved through the atoning blood of Jesus, those moments when God shines his big torch on my innermost being and shows me yet another messy blot of sin in my life are, while painful, not depressing and definitely not the end of the story – they’re just opportunities to be real with my loving Father and ask him once again to wash me clean and to help me do better. I was thinking about all this earlier while having my shower and washing my hair – as I was dealing with yet another one of those blots, I thought of the instructions: lather, rinse, and repeat as necessary…

Because, you see, when God showed me that particular blot yesterday I thought that was it for now, but today he showed me that there’s more…

And so it goes on – the Christian life is never boring… not if you’re doing it right. Knowing I’m saved is wonderful and it means I don’t have to worry, I know my eternal destination is secure and it doesn’t depend on me getting everything sorted first! (Otherwise who would stand a chance?) But knowing the price Jesus paid for this? It means I can’t be complacent. I can’t just ignore the sinful attitudes that lurk inside (and show their face now and again) – I love God and I want to please him, and I know how much sin grieves him. I know because, while on the Cross I see how much God loves me, on that same Cross I see how seriously God takes sin, I see that it’s not something he can just ignore but it’s something that requires blood and death and, wow, the crucifixion of his only son!

And so, thankful for the knowledge that my sins are forgiven, thankful for the knowledge that God loves me as I am, I come to him again and again and again to be washed clean.

i john 1 v8to9


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