The greatest injustice ever (so why am I happy about it?)

The media would have been all over this story: Innocent Man Arrested and Executed! Governor Says Man Not Guilty but Executes Him Anyway! In the Meantime, a Robber is Released!

And I can just imagine the uproar on Twitter:

so much injustice I can’t even #JesusIsInnocent

srsly @Sanhedrin, what were you thinking #ReleaseJesus

@PontiusPilate has no backbone #ReleaseJesus

(Though obviously there’d have also been the opposing tweets, with the #CrucifyJesus hashtag. Pilate only went ahead with it because he wanted to appease the crowds.)

It’s a shocking story of injustice, so why am I so happy that it happened?

Because like that robber, I get to go free even though I deserve everything that Jesus went through. I know myself and I know I’m not innocent, but through the death of Jesus I get pardon, amnesty, a complete writing off of all my sins forever!

Justice requires that there’s appropriate punishment for every crime.

Jesus was executed for no crime – even Pilate declared he couldn’t find anything to accuse him of! and that’s a huge injustice. But on the other side of the scales there’s me and a whole load of other people, anyone who repents and puts their faith in him, who get to go free! I said Jesus was executed for no crime but that’s not the whole picture: he was executed for no crime of his own – but for all my sins, and yours.

The opposite of justice can be injustice: an innocent man suffering, being punished even though he had done no wrong. But the opposite of justice can also be grace: undeserved pardon, forgiveness, our sins written off, a clean slate – for which I’m so grateful I can’t even.

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