Someone liked my pun! (so I thought I’d inflict it on more people)

We were talking about naming inanimate objects, and I reminisced about a certain lawnmower with which I became acquainted – I felt it was important to give him a name if I was going to take him for a walk once a week :)

So I named him Moses.

Because he mows.

I don’t usually go for puns when I name things, though my camera is another exception – I bought her in May 2010, which was election time here in the UK and the Camerons were in the news a lot, and I just couldn’t resist the connection between “Cameron” and “camera”. I spent a while dithering between David and Samantha, but since the Hebrew word for “camera” is a feminine noun, I opted for Mrs Cameron and thus my camera is called Sam.

But normally I just go for a name that starts with the same letter as the make or model or something of that nature. My current laptop is called Arthur because he’s an Asus (and because Arthur Dent, obviously). My printer/scanner is Magda because she’s a Canon MG (which is a joke I enjoy in its own right: it’s kind of fun to say I own an MG 😊).  My car (not an MG but a humble Nissan Micra) is called Lyddie, after the first two letters in her registration number (LD). My washing machine…

Yes, yes, I named the washing machine. She serves me well, and it seemed only polite to address her by name. It took me a while to think that one through – she’s a Zanussi, and there aren’t that many names starting with a Z (I wouldn’t trust Zaphod with my laundry), but eventually I decided on the biblical name Zilpah. Not a very well-known character, Zilpah was Leah’s maidservant – so I reckon she must have washed her clothes :)


2 thoughts on “Someone liked my pun! (so I thought I’d inflict it on more people)

  1. Thanks for the link to my naming post. This is a fun discussion, and I really like your choice of names for things. Matching the initial letters gives a nice pattern, and maybe it helps remember them if they’re not used very often. I may follow your lead and start calling the lawnmower Mo.

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    • Thank you! glad you like my namings, and thank you for starting such a fun discussion! (I need to pop round there and catch up on comments – it’s fascinating to hear the different ways people think up names.)

      Good point about remembering – it’s actually why I called my car after the first two letters of the registration number, to help me remember that it starts with LD and not DL. (which reminds me of someone/thing I forgot to mention: Dolly the shopping trolley – this time I went for a rhyme.)

      and hey, Mo is even better – it’s like you’re telling him what to do :)


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