The sunshine’s gone, but I’m thankful

The view through my window is grey and uninspiring today, the sun has gone and I can feel my old enemy, depression, trying to creep in again.

And I say to it: no, I will not give in, I have so much to be thankful for and so much to rejoice about – yes, rejoice! even if my emotions are plummeting down, I choose to rejoice in all that God has done for me!

And I’ve been thinking about that recently, and about what I choose to be thankful for. These thoughts started from the conversations I’ve been having with people following my recent car accident. One stage of my thinking I already blogged about – that was the stage of saying: actually, no, the fact that I wasn’t killed in that accident is not the thing I’m thankful for (because death isn’t the end for me, it’s only the doorway to a much better existence). So instead of that I listed other things I’m thankful for: that I have only minor injuries and they’re healing well, that I didn’t break anything and didn’t end up in a wheelchair, etc etc etc… but then I thought: but what if…

What if the accident had ended a lot worse? It’s all well and good thanking God for what’s gone well, but even if it hadn’t I would still have so much to be thankful for. This makes me think of a song we traditionally sing at Passover, called Dayenu – loosely translated from Hebrew this title means: it would have been enough for us. The song lists a whole load of different things God did for our people – bringing us out of Egypt, parting the Red Sea, giving us Manna to eat, etc etc etc – with the repeated refrain: even if he had done only this for us, it would have been enough.

And for myself personally, I can list a whole load of things God has done for me, even just looking at my recent car accident and how he protected me from so much worse – but even if he hadn’t, there is one thing he has done for me which would, on its own, have been enough: sending Jesus to die as an atoning sacrifice for my sins, so that I, though I’m guilty, can have my sins forgiven and the sure promise of eternal life, adoption into God’s family, the amazing privilege of being able to talk to God and know he hears me and cares about me, the certainty that when the day of judgement comes I will be able to stand before the throne of God and, despite all the rotten things I’ve ever thought and said and done, be counted as righteous! Oh yes, even if that was the one and only thing God had done for me, it would have so been enough!


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