not guilty

I’ve just been listening to one of my favourite songs and when it came to the bit about “no condemnation now I dread” I found myself thinking of Anne Boleyn.

Why was she on my mind? Because I’m reading a historical novel right now, set in England in the time of Henry VIII, and last night I read the bit where Anne Boleyn was tried and executed – for crimes she wasn’t guilty of. So I have this image fresh in my mind, of a woman standing proud and declaring her innocence, and dying with a clear conscience.

And then I’m thinking about myself – can I declare myself innocent of all crimes? Can I stand proud and say: whatever bad thing you can think of, I never did it? Of course not. I’m human.

But I can sing along with “And can it be”, confidently belting out that line “no condemnation now I dread” – not because I’ve never done wrong, but because Jesus has taken on my punishment so that I can go free!

Condemnation is what I deserve – but thanks to the amazing sacrifice of Jesus, out of his love for us humans despite all our faults, thanks to him I can live a guilt-free life, not weighed down by all that I’ve done.


no condemnation


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