Partly cloudy

I live in England and
today the weather forecast says:
Partly cloudy

It often does…

And when, once in a while, the sun comes out, I feel instantly brighter, chirpier – sunshine affects my emotions and it’s nice when it does, but life isn’t all sunshine… Life is, much like English weather, partly cloudy.

So I’m thankful that I have God’s love as a constant, that I can trust him to always be there for me no matter what the weather’s like and no matter what else is going on out there – unchanging, unwavering, completely and utterly trustworthy and reliable. Solid as a rock – actually no, scratch that. He is much much much more solid than any rock. He is the one who made the rocks, and he’ll still be there even if they all crumble.

God is almighty – having him for a loving dad is just amazing!

You can have this too! God’s love is on offer to anyone, no matter who you are or what you’ve done! Jesus died on the cross so that anyone who believes in him should have eternal life!

Questions? Thoughts? Talk to me - I don't bite :)

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