Don’t you worry about my poor widdle faith

Someone commented on one of my posts yesterday, expressing his own lack of faith, and adding an apology: he was genuinely sorry for saying stuff that might shake my faith.

As if.

My faith is not some fuzzy, fragile thing that would disappear as soon as someone said: I don’t believe…

I have spent my whole life knowing that a lot of people don’t believe in Jesus – up to the age of 27 I didn’t believe in God at all. Telling me you don’t believe – that’s not news. And telling me why you don’t believe – that’s not going to shake my faith either. So feel free to tell me. And I’m going to feel free to tell you about the source of my faith.

You see, my faith isn’t some kind of vague and fuzzy hope, based on nothing more than wishful thinking – but I can see why you might think it is, because there are plenty of people who do live like that, relying on baseless notions that give them comfort but if questioned as to how on earth they know it’s true they get defensive and say stuff like: that’s what I choose to believe…

Me, I don’t play that game. I only came to faith when I became 100% convinced that Jesus is for real. And when I say my faith isn’t going to be shaken by people saying why they don’t believe – that’s why: because my faith is in Jesus, not in some fuzzy notion of what God might be like.

My faith is in the real living God, who is rock solid. My hope is in Jesus Christ, who is the eternal word of God, who became a man in order to die on the cross for the salvation of mankind, who was crucified and died and was buried and then came back to life – my faith is in a real living person and in what he has already done, which gives me the certainty that he is also going to do what he said he would do.

So don’t you worry about my poor widdle faith. It won’t be shaken by your disagreement or by your questions. Because the source of my faith is Jesus Christ, and he is rock solid.

Which means you’re very welcome to ask questions. I’d love to help you get this faith! There’s nothing I’d like more than to help others come to know Jesus – the saviour of the world!

Questions? Thoughts? Talk to me - I don't bite :)

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