Nobody understands me

Nobody understands me – not completely. There are things about me that people just don’t get. Even with close friends there is stuff… even those who know me well have those moments… it’s painful sometimes, when I share something of the real me and get a reaction that says: this person doesn’t, and can’t, understand.

And yet, my heart is not weighed down by this – because I know there is someone who does understand. I know someone who knows me inside out, who gets absolutely everything about me, and loves me.

When I talk to God, I don’t have to explain anything, I don’t have to fill him in on the details and try to somehow put things into the right words… And there’s nothing I can say that will shock him, nothing that will make him recoil, nothing that he can’t fully understand. He knows the darkest corners of my mind and my heart, he knows my thoughts before I even hear myself think them, and he totally and utterly loves me.

Thank you, my Father in heaven, for the assurance of your love. Thank you for expressing that love – not just for me but for all mankind – by sending your only begotten Son to die in our place, to atone for our sins so that anyone who believes in him will be saved.

I don’t know how I ever coped before I came to know your love. I thank you that you loved me enough to reach out to me when I didn’t know you, when I didn’t even realise I needed you, when I still lived under the illusion that I had to somehow cope with life on my own. I remember what a mess I made of things back then, and how little hope I had left – thank you for reaching down to me and lifting me into your loving arms. Thank you for introducing me to Jesus. Thank you for exposing me to the truth of your written Word. Thank you for eventually, after a long and complex journey, getting me to the point where I was at last reborn through your Spirit and became your adopted child, having the full assurance that because I’m now in Christ, I’m safe for eternity. No matter what lemons life throws at me, I know I’m yours and I know that there is a wonderful future ahead for me.

Thank you for the promise of eternal life. But thank you that it’s not just about later, it’s also about the here and now, about living day to day in the knowledge of your love for me, knowing that I can turn to you at any moment day or night with absolutely anything that’s on my mind, and that you absolutely do understand and that you care and that you love me. Nobody understands – except you.


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