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So a fellow human being said something that upset me. So what’s new? We do this all the time, I do it too, we all manage to hurt other people – even with the best intentions. It happens. Pain is part of life.

So what’s the answer? Much as I love the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, I know 42 isn’t really it. The answer to the question of life, the universe and everything, the answer to our main problem, the answer to pain and frustration and all the stuff that makes us want to yell WHY – the answer is Jesus.

Or, to be more precise: the reason why pain is part of life is humanity’s sin, and the answer to humanity’s sin is Jesus.

It all goes back to Genesis 3. That’s when we messed the world up, when our rebellion started – it’s also when God promised to send the Messiah to crush the serpent’s head. That’s how loving and gracious God is – we rebel against him and he says: here, I’ll give you a way back, I’ll sacrifice my own Son for you. All your sins, for which you deserve eternal torment in Hell – they’re on Me.

Everything. It’s all on him. The sins that we feel sorry for, the sins that we feel ashamed of, the stuff we’d love to undo if only we could – even the sins we’re not aware of, the things we thought were actually ok… It’s all on him. Sorted. Atoned for. Dealt with on the cross once and for all.

All you have to do is accept what Jesus has already done for you. Accept that you need it, and receive forgiveness for all your sins, and a new life with him.

The offer is open to all.

(If you’re reading this and thinking: this isn’t for me, I’m Jewish – news flash: so am I. But more importantly – so is Jesus, who came as the Jewish Messiah exactly as promised in the Jewish Scriptures. And those guys who followed him and started the thing we call the church now? Guess what – they were Jewish too!)

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