I cried for you again today

I cry for you often.

I cry as I watch you pretend you’re just fine, I cry as I watch you refuse the only source of real hope, I cry as I watch you reject the only medicine that can make you well, I cry as you stand on that sinking ship in the middle of the storm and yell at me because how dare I try to point you to the lifeboat!

My mother got angry with me when I told her that I was concerned about where she would go when she died. How dare I…

I’m ok with people getting angry with me. It’s not a problem. It’s totally worth it for knowing that I have at least tried, and that they’ve heard what I said. What I couldn’t be ok with is not trying – you see, God commands me to love everyone as I love myself, so I can’t just leave you to go to hell without even trying to tell you how you can avoid it!

And yes, I’ve had people get angry with me for talking about hell. Understandable really – it’s a terrible place and it would be a lot nicer not to think about it, I hate the thought of it and I so very much hate the thought that there are people I loved who have gone there! Which, from where I’m looking, is a very good reason for trying to point people to the one and only way we can avoid ending up in that terrible place – Jesus Christ, the crucified and risen Saviour of mankind!

So while I’m perfectly aware that there are lots of people who would much rather I’d shut up already, I remain standing on my virtual soapbox and saying: get into the lifeboat, people! Jesus died on the cross so that we can have eternal life – the least I can do is try and tell people about it. And pray for them, while crying.



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