Navigating through life (and beyond)


It’s only ten years since I got my driving licence, and then, after all those lessons in how to drive, suddenly had to learn to actually find my way on the roads! (And back then, I did it without a sat nav!)

Those of you who know the joys of driving in England will know all about those massive roundabouts where you have to quickly choose the right exit in heavy traffic – as a new driver I wasted many miles on going round these monsters and trying again and again…

You wouldn’t dream of asking me why I bothered though, would you? You wouldn’t say: come on, it doesn’t matter which exit you take… You wouldn’t, because we all know that if you want to get to the right destination, you need to take the right route.

And yet, again and again I hear people say that when it comes to our ultimate destination, it doesn’t matter which way you choose – so long as it makes you happy…

When I remind people that Jesus said he is the only way to heaven, I am heartbroken to hear some tell me that they used to be Christians but they’ve found another way that makes them happier. I find this short-sightedness utterly mind boggling – like taking the wrong exit at a roundabout and deciding to stay on that road because you like the pretty scenery, and switching off your GPS because you don’t want to keep seeing the warnings saying that this road will take you to a muddy swamp and you won’t be able to ever get out.

Being happy now, and ending up in eternal torment after you die – how on earth can it be worth it? Wake up, people! Eternity is a very very very long time!


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