We’re doing Joshua in church and last night we had the story of Rahab the prostitute – my favourite kind of Bible story, because it’s about people like me, and it has a happy ending!

Yes, people like me – not in all the specific details, but in principle: it just so happens that prostitution is not something I’ve personally done – but if you look at the whole area of sexual immorality in general then I have a pretty full rap sheet. And yet here I am, saved through faith, just like Rahab was back then!

God didn’t wait for me to first clean up my act – no, he sent his Son to die for the salvation of sinners!

And now – my sins are forgiven thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus once and for all on the cross, and by his atoning blood I’ve been cleansed!

Rahab got a greater honour though – she got to be one of the Messiah’s ancestors! That cheers me up so much – that this is how much God values a ransomed sinner!

End of emotional splurge.

And a reminder: you can have this too. No matter what you’ve done – no sin is too big to be covered by the blood of Jesus!


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