How are you really doing?

Another Monday – not most people’s favourite day… so social media is full of motivational posts, telling you that you’re strong, you can do it – do you sometimes see those and feel like screaming? Or is it just me…

Do you really always feel strong, capable, up to coping with whatever life throws at you?

Or do you sometimes feel it’s all too much, can someone please stop the world and let me get off the hamster wheel, I want my mother, this whole business of being an adult is just way too much for me, but I have to somehow keep going…

So you reach for… What? Chocolate? A drink? Meditation? A bit of escapism on Netflix? Whatever it is, it only helps for a little while…

Well, yes, I hear you say, but that’s just how life is. What’s the alternative?

I’m glad you said that – we’re being real now and not pretending we’re these strong mythical superheroes… Now we can talk about the real answer…

Here’s the thing I want you to know: it’s ok to admit you’re only human – weak and vulnerable and not able to cope with whatever life throws at you. We’re not supposed to be able to cope without God’s help! Just like a newborn baby isn’t supposed to be able to get its own dinner – when a baby cries because it’s hungry or in need of a clean nappy, that’s not a bug, it’s a feature… Same goes for us grown-ups, on a different scale. We were created by a loving God and we weren’t designed for total independence!

The problem is that we humans rebelled and decided to live without God’s help, to decide for ourselves what’s right and wrong – and then we’re surprised the world’s in such a mess, and life is so hard!

But God loves us, and he’s offering us a way back – back into the loving, intimate relationship we were made for, the safety of being able to completely trust him and to cast all our burdens on him.

The way back is Jesus Christ – the way and the truth and the life. All you need to do is repent of your sinful rebellion, ask Jesus to take over as Lord of your life, and be saved!

Life won’t magically become non-difficult – but you’ll have God himself helping you to cope, and that makes all the difference.

p.s. You may be reading this and thinking: but Jesus isn’t for me – I’m Jewish. Well, so am I – and so is he! Did you know Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, and his first disciples were Jewish? Find out more here:


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