Can you <3 something but not ❤ it?

First of all, a warning: if you hate emoji and emoticons, this post is probably not for you. Me, I <3 the way language is constantly evolving, and I have lots of fun choosing emoji to sign off an email with, or to use in an Instagram comment, or to save space with on Twitter – but…

But I’m fussy. And I have the feeling that I probably put a lot more thought into this than most people – my pedantic tendencies are still there even when I’m using these symbols that lots of pedants really hate :)

And I find that there are times when I want to say “love” and <3 feels just right, but using an actual heart-shaped emoji feels all wrong. It somehow feels OTT, even though <3 is representing a heart shape. Is it just me? Or is it a generational thing? Somehow in my head the plain <3 feels more understated, while a heart emoji feels gushy and I’d only use it with someone close.

So, what say you? Is it just me? I’d <3 to hear it isn’t ☺

4 thoughts on “Can you <3 something but not ❤ it?

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