God, I can be so horrible sometimes

How can she do this? How can this woman be telling people about Jesus and at the same time react so rudely to that poor salesman who knocked on her door?

Well, actually…

Actually that’s the whole point. The Bible says no one is righteous – and that’s why we need the Saviour.

Sure, I want to become a better person. I want to live out God’s command to love everyone as I love myself. And with his help I have been gradually changing. I’m a lot less obnoxious than I used to be – but it’s a gradual process, a work in progress.

And so again and again I fail, and confess my sin to God – but, joy of joys, I do this knowing that my sins are forgiven! Having put my faith in Jesus, I live with this awesome knowledge that even though God really hates sin and it seriously grieves him when I do it, the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross is enough to atone for all my sins and my eternal salvation doesn’t depend on me being good enough!

So yes, I can be really horrible sometimes and that’s why I’m so grateful for Jesus. And I keep telling people about him because we’re all capable of being really horrible sometimes, we’re all sinners – and he died so that we can escape the punishment we all deserve! Halleluiah! God is so stunningly gracious! He puts up even with me!



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