Why this plant pot means so much to me 

I was in church on mothers’ day, and these plant pots were handed out to all the women – not just mothers. And I very nearly left mine behind… Because I know how undeserving I am to receive a mothers’ day present… Because I’m the worst mother – I had my baby killed.
And yet, as I held that plant pot and dithered, God reminded me of his love for me despite everything I’ve done, and I felt I could take this plant home and use it as a visual reminder of the undeserved grace I constantly receive from him.

And I’m sharing this with you because everyone needs to know that God’s grace is available to all, no matter what you’ve done – Jesus died to atone for all the sins of all mankind! All you need to do is repent and put your faith in him!


2 thoughts on “Why this plant pot means so much to me 

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