Being open-minded about God

Is there room in your spirituality for x,y,z,whatever – someone just asked me this kind of question and it doesn’t really matter what the x,y,z was, my response would have been the same to anything other than the pure, unadulterated Jesus whom I know and love and will passionately follow to the ends of the earth, the one who literally put his life on the line and gladly bled to death for me, the one who is totally worthy of the praise and adoration of mankind and who stated absolutely clearly that he is the only way to the Father, and who leaves no room for either a “Jesus+” kind of spirituality or a “Jesus Lite”, he is all or nothing, he is the Son of God and – but you’re already rolling your eyes, right? Just like the guy I was talking to earlier, who is so sure I’m wrong…

So, to people who have not put their faith in Jesus as the Saviour of mankind, I want to ask you a similar question to the one that guy posed to me:

Is there room in your spirituality for God?

By which I mean God himself, the real living God who created the world and all that’s in it – as opposed to whichever deity you have invented or embraced because it suits you, because it goes with how you think the world should be, because it fits with your own man-made values and doesn’t challenge your feelings?

Jesus, the one and only begotten Son of God, went to the cross to die as an atoning sacrifice for the sins of mankind. He gave his life for us, willingly – he did it because he loves us enough, and because there is no alternative, no other way to salvation, no way of thinking or behaving that would get us there without his sacrificial blood. You may not like that idea – but this is how it is. You can either accept it as is, or reject it, but it is the only deal available to us from the real living God.

When you accept Jesus as the Lord and Saviour that he is, you’ll find there’s no room for anything else. He rightly demands your whole life, your total devotion – he deserves it because of being God, and even more so because of being willing to bleed and die for a bunch of sinners, knowing full well that we would continue to reject him.

I say “we” as I speak of humanity in general, of the rebellious attitude we hang on to – as I did until God, in his amazingly generous grace, reached out to me and opened my eyes and helped me see! I pray that he will do the same for you, so that you can come to know Jesus for yourself, and see how wonderful he is! I’m a Christian because this happened to me – because I met Jesus and wow, what can I say but wow… Once you come to know him, you won’t want all the other stuff.

Is there room in your life for this amazing God? Actually, maybe I should rephrase the question. Because there isn’t – there can’t be, not while your life is full of all the clutter that we accumulate, the stuff we embrace because it suits us, because it seemed good, because it didn’t challenge us too much… No, there’s no room for Jesus amongst all that clutter. It all has to go! Make room for him – because he is the only one who’s worth making room for.

end of rant.

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