some stuff changes, some stuff stays the same

So yesterday I came across this old post and smiled to myself because some of the things I mentioned there have in the meantime, to my humungous surprise, actually changed…

I thank you, God, for loving me as I am – thank you that I don’t have to do anything to earn your love, it’s all grace, undeserved, unearned, unconditional. But I also thank you that you care about me enough to keep teaching me and challenging me and chiselling away to transform me into the masterpiece you’re working on. And I just feel I need to say this out loud right now: I trust you to know what’s best for me and I do not want to withhold anything from you, I don’t want to hang on to any bit of how I am – you have my permission to change anything whatsoever about me because you’re the almighty omniscient God and you absolutely 100% know what’s best. I will not cherish anything above you, I will not cherish even the things about my personality type that I think are really cool. You’ve been changing things about me that I couldn’t have imagined you ever would and I feel better, stronger, freeer, and I know now, from experience, that you are capable of changing me in all sorts of amazing ways and it’s good, it’s very very very good.


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