Let’s not put limits on God

I was talking to someone online who told me she’s an agnostic because she doesn’t want to put limits on God.

From where I’m looking, putting limits on God is precisely what she’s doing.

Now let’s see if I can explain it in a way that people who aren’t inside my head can understand what I mean…

The person I was talking to is someone who grew up on Christianity and has chosen to reject it. Now, if God hadn’t bothered to tell us anything about himself then hey, sure, we’d be free to imagine whatever we like and to leave room for all sorts of ideas and be as agnostic as we like. But since he has – since he has given us his written Word, the Bible, and has sent his Son to show us his grace by dying for us, and since his Son actually declared clearly that he is the only way to the Father – what right do we have to reject that in favour of some fluid whatever-takes-your-fancy spirituality?

It’s the people rejecting Jesus who are trying to put limits on God, saying: no, you can’t declare that there’s only one way to reach you, you can’t say that the blood of Jesus is the only acceptable atoning sacrifice for the sins of humankind, we don’t allow you to make these kind of proclamations – we’ve placed ourselves as those who judge right from wrong, those who decide what is or isn’t acceptable, and we limit our concept of deity to only the kind of deity that doesn’t mind what we believe and doesn’t demand our total devotion in the way that the God of the Bible does. That God who said he is a jealous God and you mustn’t worship any other gods? The one who said you are to love him with all your heart and mind and everything? The one who talks as though he owns the universe? Nah, we don’t like that one, we prefer tame deities that we can treat in whatever way we like.

I was an agnostic once. I was an agnostic for 27 years of my life. But it wasn’t because I’d decided to reject the God of the Bible – I hadn’t met him, I didn’t know the truth about him, and my agnosticism was simply a case of “dunno”: I didn’t think it was possible to know if God exists, let alone knowing the truth about him. Once I did meet him and find out the truth, everything changed – and since I met Jesus and fell in love with him, there’s no way I’d ever let go of him, he is just so utterly wonderful that, well, why on earth would I.

The agnosticism of this person I was talking to today – it’s a different kind of agnosticism, it’s a deliberate choice to ignore the truth of the Bible and put limits on God because the God of the Bible doesn’t really suit your way of thinking.

Newsflash: no matter what you personally think, he is still the one true God, the real living creator of the universe, the one who will one day judge the whole world. You can choose to ignore him for now, but it’s really not a good idea in the long term. Just sayin’.

On the other hand: no matter what you personally think, Jesus did die to atone for the sins of all who would believe in him, and it’s not too late for you to repent and turn to him. The grace of God – that God that you choose to reject because he doesn’t suit you – his grace is available to all. So do yourself a favour, turn back from your rebellion, repent and accept Jesus as your Saviour and your Lord. Jesus is the only real place of safety. Turn to him. It isn’t too late.



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