We now come to the part of the programme where Meirav yells at fictional characters

I’ve been watching Land Girls on Netflix and wow… (Spoiler alert, obviously)

We’ve got a married man having an affair with one of the land girls, and they’re feeling oh so sorry for themselves because they – gasp – can’t be together in public or use a proper bed and have to keep sneaking off to the barn and oh, it’s so undignified… Well, duh… You’re committing adultery, what do you expect? You want to break your marriage vows and somehow get away with no consequences, you want to do it with… dignity? As though there’s nothing wrong with it? Honestly… Listen to yourselves…

And then there’s the other land girl who is married but she’s fallen in love with some guy… Her husband went away to fight, there was a bit when she thought he’d been killed but then it turned out he was alive, but she’s not happy he’s coming back, because she’d married him for all the wrong reasons and she doesn’t love him and now she’s met this other guy and she’s in love… And the moment when I wanted to yell at her was when she was talking to her sister about it and saying: it’s been so hard… And I’m naively expecting something to do with the guilt of knowing she’s doing wrong, but no, all she does is whinge about how hard it’s been having to hide it and worrying about being found out.

In the case of the first pair at least the wife is portrayed as a seriously horrible uncaring sort, so we aren’t likely to feel too sorry for her – it’s still adultery, it’s still wrong, the marriage vows don’t have an “unless you become horrible” clause, but it’s hard to feel sorry for this woman. But the other land girl’s husband, coming back wounded from the war – he’s a decent guy, and he loves her, and she doesn’t seem to feel remotely sorry for hurting him.

In both cases the general feeling is: we’re in love, therefore we’re entitled to do what we like, and who cares what commitments we’d made to our spouses… And having to hide it – they don’t accept that as the price of doing what you shouldn’t, they have the audacity to feel sorry for themselves!


Ok, now I’ve got this off my chest, I’m off to see if Season 2 is any better…


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