Good morning? Really?

How good was your morning today? How did you feel when you woke up? Bright eyed and happy to face whatever the day brings?

And yesterday? And the day before?

Yesterday was Monday, which is when social media is full of motivational posts: you’re strong, you can do it, you’re ok as you are, don’t be hard on yourself but at the same time keep telling yourself that you can do the things if only you push yourself hard enough and that nothing stands in your way apart from your own self limiting thoughts, so ignore all the very real obstacles and your very real weaknesses, pretend to yourself that you’re superman/superwoman and everything will magically work out…

I watch this circus, again and again, and cry.

I cry for all the people who keep trying to do this, not knowing that it’s (a) futile and impossible, but (b) totally unnecessary, because there’s someone who can help you if only you’d let him.

I’m not superwoman, and I’ve never thought I was – I did, however, spend a large chunk of my life trying somehow to cope with life despite my weaknesses, not knowing there was someone who could help me. I grew up secular, agnostic, with very vague notions of what religion might be about – and those notions didn’t include anything about God actually loving me personally and caring about what goes on in my life. My concept of God – when I allowed myself to think he might exist at all – was of some distant unknowable being in the sky who is only concerned with our rule keeping. Like some scary domineering father who never plays with his kids or takes them to the park, but only booms orders at them and at the end of the day instead of reading them a story and tucking them in, he stands at a distance and bellows: did you do your homework? did you clean your teeth? were you nice to the other kids at school?

I was 27 when I started to discover what God really is like. And wow, he is so not like that! He is so loving and caring and gracious, that he sent his only begotten Son to die for us!!!

So now, when I wake up every day – whether it’s a rainy Monday or a sunshiny Tuesday or whatever, whether life’s going to throw lemons at me or cake, I wake up knowing that the Creator of the Universe loves me and cares about me and that whatever happens, I can cry out to him and he will hear, and he will help.

I wake up knowing that in my weak and fallible humanness I can’t do very much at all, but I have God himself on my side so ultimately I have nothing to worry about. I wake up knowing that “you can do it” is a lie but with God’s help it becomes true, because he can. And I wake up knowing that God loves me just as I am, completely unconditionally, so I don’t have to do anything to earn his love, I don’t have to do enough good to gain his approval, I don’t have to prove my worth – God has already declared me to be worth everything to him, he sacrified his Son for me, and he did that way before I could do anything at all to deserve it.

Do you want this for yourself? If you do, you can have it – no matter what you’ve done, no matter what your weaknesses and failures are, Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross is enough to pay for all our sins and is available to anyone who repents and believes!

P.S. But what if I’m Jewish?
You may be reading this and thinking, “That’s all fine but it’s not for me, I’m Jewish.”
Well, so am I.
And, more importantly, so is Jesus, and so were the first people who believed in him.
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