Still trying

So I’m playing this game on my phone and once again I find myself with only one move left – absolutely no chance of winning, knowing with 100% certainty that after this move I will die, and yet again and again I find myself putting thought into that last move, trying to make a good choice, even though I know it will make no difference whatsoever.

And this makes me think about life: how we humans tend to cling to it even though we know that death will come; how we try to pretend we’re in control, that our choices matter even though when faced with death, we’re helpless.

Oh, but what’s the point of such morbid thoughts, Meirav? Why dwell on the inevitability of death?

Here’s why: because I know the one who defeated death, and I’d love you to get to know him too! Because if you put your faith in Jesus, who died and was buried and rose again, he’ll take you through it and give you eternal life!

Without him we’re all helpless. But with him, we have no need to fear the end! Because of Jesus, I can face the inevitability of death – I know where I’m going when my time comes, and it’s going to be wonderful!


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