Shattered, and thankful

You know those cheerful sayings about how you should react when life gives you lemons? Annoying, aren’t they? When you’ve just been given a whole truckload of lemons, when you’re reeling from terrible news, when it feels like everything that could possibly go wrong has gone wrong… You really don’t want anyone telling you to be cheerful. You’d probably want to chuck all those lemons at them, or, better yet, cut the lemons and squirt the juice into the eyes of the cheerful person who is spewing platitudes at you instead of saying helpful stuff like: wow this really sucks, is there anything I can do to help or shall I just sit here with you and let you cry?

And yet…

I’m shattered today but I’m also grateful. I had a truckload of lemons thrown at me yesterday and I haven’t finished crying, but at the same time I’m full of gratitude and joy, because God has given me so much! And as Job (who had lots more lemons to cope with) said, shall I accept the good from God’s hand and not the bad?

Whatever lemons I get, I still have the wonderful cake God gave me – the creamy gateau with chocolate and cherries and beautiful icing: Jesus Christ, and all the wonderful blessings of being in him forever!

I, a sinner deserving of hell, have been given God’s grace – undeserved, unearned, given to me for no reason other than God loving me. My sins forgiven, atoned for by the blood of Christ. A clean slate. The righteousness of Jesus credited to me. Complete assurance of salvation. The totally secure promise of eternal life. Adoption into God’s family. Being able to talk personally and intimately with the Creator of the world. Knowing his love. Knowing he has loved me since forever and will go on loving me forever, and there’s nothing I can do that would jeopardize that love.

People come and go. Everything else in life is temporary. Even my marriage is only till death do us part. Only God is forever.

The lemons suck. Sometimes very badly and painfully. But they’re temporary – and God’s grace is eternal! Halleluiah!


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