Today’s lessons

Just thought I’d randomly share stuff I’ve been learning.

Some of it isn’t actually new – it’s just stuff that I have to be reminded of again and again. Like, for instance, the fact that I’m only human and I’m perfectly capable of getting things wrong…

I know that. In theory… But again and again it happens: I read/hear something that seems to me to be obviously wrong, and I jump up and down saying Look! That’s so wrong how can they… And then, on closer examination, I find that, oops, actually I was wrong about that…

I’m going to be 56 tomorrow. You’d think I’d have learned a bit more humility and realism by now…

So that was the painful lesson. But there’s been more positive stuff too, like: hey, waiting for the ideal moment to do a thing is actually not always helpful, sometimes you have to just say to yourself: I have time right now so I’m going to do that thing right now, and it may not be perfect but it’s a lot better than leaving that thing on your to do list forever and having it loom over you.

Yes, there’s a connection: the thing I’d been leaving for the perfect moment was the task of looking into that issue where I thought I was right and someone else was wrong. Since I’d actually said it out loud to other people, it was kinda important.

So today’s lessons were in humility and time management. And, oh yes, in praying more frequently. Because through Christ I’m in the amazingly privileged position of having 24/7 access to God himself, and I don’t use it anywhere near as often as would make sense.

End of rambling.


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