Yes, I’m an introvert. No, I don’t hate people.

Excuse me while I scream… I get so sick of those stupid social media posts that perpetuate the horrible myth that introverts are antisocial misanthropes – and some of these are posted by introverts!

Sorry but if you’re an introvert who happens to hate people, that’s on you. I refuse to be tarred with that brush.

Being an introvert means you CAN’T do lots of socialising without getting exhausted. So I am forced to sometimes forgo the genuine delight of interacting with fellow humans – it is a joy when I can!

Sure, there’s some people I find harder to get on with. And some social situations are more exhausting for me as an introvert: crowds, noise, lots of small talk. But people in general? Hey, I’m people, you’re people, my best friends are people! Seriously, can we stop this nonsense?


An introvert who loves her fellow humans (and I know it’s not just me!)


Questions? Thoughts? Talk to me - I don't bite :)

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