Let’s get real (and give credit where it’s due)

I used to have a social media tagline saying: Meirav M., being real on social media since 2007. Not that until 2007 I’d been lying through my teeth – just that 2007 is when I discovered social media :) And my point was: I’m not one of those who put on some kind of façade, pretending to be what they’re not, editing out the stuff that is uncool or that some people may find offensive – what you see is what you get, warts and all.

And to a certain extent that’s true. There are things that I deliberately don’t edit out even though I know they’ll lose me friends – I unashamedly share my faith in Jesus as the only way to salvation, even though I know it’s an extremely unpopular view and there are many who have people like me on the list of those who’ll be up against the wall come the revolution.

And I try very hard to be real about everything – but still, social media has its limitations and, well, let’s face it, so have I… so I do pick and choose which moments of my life to instagram, which bits to mention when I talk about my day, and I suppose there are things that are just kinda boring so I don’t include them (yes, I know, this may seem rich coming from the girl who shares pics of her feet on the pavement while waiting at a bus stop, but trust me, there’s stuff in my life that’s even more boring than that) – and also, I get a bit tired of people misunderstanding or reading their own worldview into what I share.

So when I’m having a hard day and I know that the only answer is to turn to God for help, I don’t necessarily share that on social media, except maybe very privately with a select few. I’m sorry. I used to be better at doing this. I think I just got tired over the years. But this is what I want to say loud and clear – I want everyone to know: I am a very weak person and if it wasn’t for Jesus I’d be a total wreck. My accomplishments – when I excitedly share them (even if they’re little things like “hey, I went outside! I did the things! I made a phone call!”) it’s because they are not things I take for granted, and because every time I achieve even a small thing like that it’s a halleluiah moment for me, because wow, my natural human self couldn’t have pulled it off, it’s God giving me the ability to do stuff that I naturally can’t!

God enables me to get up early on a Thursday morning and go to help at my church’s parents & toddlers group, an extreme night owl operating on very little sleep, a socially awkward introvert giving people a friendly welcoming smile at the door and going up to strangers and starting conversations!

God enables me to overcome my procrastination tendencies and get.stuff.done – and, more recently, he’s been helping me overcome the ants-in-my-pants and sit down and study.

So I share some of those halleluiah moments on social media – but then people say “well done” and I want to cry, because it’s not me, it’s all God! He’s the one who deserves the “well done” – big time! I know, because I know what I’m like without his help, and it ain’t pretty – and those non-pretty times are not very instagrammable…

So if you follow me on social media you’ll see bits of my life, but you won’t see those times when I’m stressed and exhausted and emotionally all over the place because I’ve been somehow doing anything but what I knew I should be doing, and only when I’ve come to totally the end and some then I suddenly face up to the utter stupidity of having been trying really hard to ignore the problem instead of turning to my loving Father in heaven and asking for his help!

And you won’t see the times when I’m just obstinately ignoring what God is clearly telling me, even though I love him and want to serve him and know that he knows best and goodness I’m so good at preaching it but look at me, just look at me sometimes…

If you’re reading this and you’re not a Christian, let me reassure you: I’m fine. This is not a cry for help – my help, as the psalmist so very wisely said, comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth. God loves me – warts and all! He loves me so much that he sent his Son to die so that I, despite all my sins and failings (which are too many to count), can know his love and have assurance of total forgiveness and know that when I die I’ll go to be with Jesus forever! And if you don’t have this yet and you want it, then it’s yours for the taking – Jesus died so that anyone who believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life!

And for everyone reading this, I want you to know: God can take weak and fallible human beings like me and enable them to do amazingly more than what they could imagine. He’s been doing this for me. To God alone be the glory!


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