and now for something completely different

Good morning! It’s half past ten and I’m up and dressed and breakfasted and feeling wide awake, which may not strike you as the amazingly great big deal that it is to me – but I’m a night owl and there was a time not very long ago when I wouldn’t even be awake yet at half past ten in the morning. I’ve come such a long way in the last year or two, and not just in terms of getting up in the morning. God has been working on my social awkwardness too, and there’s stuff that I used to see as completely impossible that is now totally my normal – in church on Sundays I go up to strangers and start a conversation, and I’m doing it so much that when my husband commented on it recently I was surprised at his surprise… I’ve got so used to doing this, I kinda forgot that only two years ago I wasn’t…

But you may be wondering at the title of this post – what’s the “something completely different” that I promised? So, here’s what I was thinking: I was thinking that maybe it’s time to slightly change how I use this blog, and let myself do more personal posts now and again, more how’s life/journally kind of stuff, rambly and non-soapboxy – which is what I felt like doing right now, and thought: why not, actually.

I used to do this when I started blogging – back then I just posted whatever I felt like, I shared silly funnies, deep personal thoughts and feelings, random trivia from my day to day life… all sorts. Then at some stage I decided to separate things out, and especially since I discovered Google+ it’s been like: the blog is my soapbox, and G+ is for anything and everything.

But right now I’m at a point where my life is going to drastically change again, and it feels like the right moment to change how I do things here too.

Don’t worry, I’m not thinking in terms of starting to dump all my random trivia here. Isn’t that what Twitter is for :-) but I’m thinking that once in a while, when the mood strikes me and when I actually find the time (I’ll explain in a minute) I might just open up the WordPress editor and allow myself to ramble about whatever is going on in my life/whatever’s on my mind, without having a point I’m trying to make.

This doesn’t mean that my orange peeling stops now. My passion for telling people about Jesus is not going anywhere any time soon – he is wonderful and if you don’t know him then I’d love to introduce you! He loves us so much that he died to save us – how can I ever stop shouting from the rooftops about a love like that?

And Jesus is kinda why I’m going to have a lot less time on my hands as of mid September – I’m becoming a theology student! or maybe more precisely: I’ve been becoming a theology student… but in September it’s going to be formal, I’ll be going to class and hearing lectures and doing course work – lots of reading, plus writing essays, and sitting exams at the end. It’s a two-year course, and I know it’s going to be very hard work, but I so so so want to learn more about God! because of Jesus, I’ve come to love God more and more – and Jesus said we are to love God not just with all our heart but also with all our mind! which means learning, applying my mind to what God has revealed to us about himself in his Word, the Bible – and learning with the help of others who have gone before us, because that’s also part of the means God has given me for learning about him: a great cloud of witnesses who has gone before us, people who have written stuff so that they could pass on what they’d learned, as part of the relay race of the Christian faith.

I’ve learned the hard way how important this is – the Bible talks about being mature in the faith and not tossed to and fro on every wave, and I have seen sometimes how easily I could be, without good guidance. I remember coming across an article online that looked interesting to me, an article that suggested an alternative interpretation of something Jesus said – I emailed the link to my pastor, and also shared it with some Christian friends on social media. One of my friends replied with a really good, thorough biblical explanation showing why that interpretation was totally and utterly wrong… My pastor also replied with a no… The egg on my face acted as a really good lesson to me: before I get excited about some new teaching I hadn’t heard before, it would do me a world of good to check what the general consensus has been in the church – studying church history can help me see what heresies have already been confronted and demolished, and save me from all sorts of error. There is not much new under the sun, and the Christian faith has been going for a long time – I don’t need to reinvent the wheel!

Anyway, all this is to say: my life’s changing, I’m going to be studying theology and church history and all kinds of interesting stuff (including Koine Greek! yay! I love learning languages, and this one will help me understand the New Testament writings better!) and I have no idea how this will affect my social media life, except that I’m pretty sure it will, because I’ll have a lot less time! but I have the feeling I might enjoy popping in here once in a while and rambling for a bit, as a chilling-out thing in between the deep, serious scholarly work.

Watch this space.


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