tired of being told how to woman.

I loved this so much that I retweeted it, with the comment: well, yeah, obviously, you say it as if mind reading was difficult.

and yes, it was a joke, but I loved it because I’m a woman and it resonates very strongly with me.

then a man turns up and tells me he dislikes this stereotype because it doesn’t go with his experience, and his response to the guy who tweeted it is to suggest he should try just giving women what they ask for.

trouble is, the result for women like me, if all men followed that advice, would be that we’d never get what we really want. so I resent this intervention, just as I resent lots of stuff I hear on social media when people who I never authorised to speak for me lay down rules about how people should treat women.

some of you may say: well, you could just change your behaviour and let go of your tendency to throw subtle hints and hope your man will guess what you want… to which I say: you’re not the boss of me.

I’m tired of people trying to tell me how to woman, and so often in the name of empowering women.

there. I said it.


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