things I didn’t say last night

I’m getting better at keeping my mouth shut and not snapping at people when they say things that annoy me. Also not correcting people whenever they say something stupid.

But I still have a blog, so here I can say all those things I didn’t say to people around me last night :)

Like that conversation that involved a young couple with a baby and how they’re speaking both Welsh and English at home so he’s going to grow up bilingual (because those are his parents’ native tongues) and also yay, they’re going to live where there’s a Welsh-speaking school, and a person who obviously doesn’t get how children’s language acquisition works saying: so he’ll learn Welsh at school.

No, he’s learning Welsh at home. From his parents. That’s how native speakers acquire their language(s).

(I speak as someone who did exactly that – growing up in a bilingual household in Israel, I learned Hebrew from my dad and English from my mum, and then at school, when we got to the stage of learning English as a second language, I corrected my teachers when they made mistakes. Because most of my English teachers weren’t native English speakers.)

So that was the stupid thing I restrained myself and didn’t correct last night. Another thing I thought and didn’t say out loud – and here it’s not about correcting someone’s stupidity but just wondering where that person got this idea from: a young person talking about travelling and exploring different countries because even though she’s been to different places she still hasn’t found the place where she’d feel she really wants to live.

That’s supposed to be a thing now? Like everyone’s got some special, ideal place that’s going to be it? I’m seriously curious about where this idea comes from. When I was a teen, the trend was for people to go travelling to “find their true self”, but then they’d usually come back, having smoked lots of weed and learned to chant and stuff. Is the current trend to go looking for your “true home”? It’s amazing how we humans invent fantasy goals – all kinds of things that go under the heading: if only I have this, I’ll be truly happy.

(I speak as someone who didn’t really go seeking true happiness – instead I made a mess of my life, and then met Jesus and found what true happiness is. So instead of me looking for happiness, the source of joy and peace came looking for me!)

And while I’m allowing myself to just blog random stuff, here’s a thing I learned today: it’s about hearing stuff out of context.

In church this morning I overheard a snippet of a conversation that really bugged me. I was chewing over it and wondering whether or not I should/could constructively discuss it with this person… only to later find out, from the person he was talking to, that I got it wrong, I heard that bit without knowing what he’d been saying before, and really it seems that he was just quoting what other people say, and lamenting it! Which seems like a good metaphor for what so often happens on Twitter…

The other recent lesson I learned was about time management: last week I had time off from a couple of things that take up time and energy, so I thought I’d get So.Much.Work.Done on my essay… and here I am on Sunday evening, and no, I did not get on my essay, because actually a week without mini deadlines is a week when it’s much harder for me to force myself to just sit down and get on with it. When I know that my time is limited, it focuses me and forces me to use the limited time well. Otherwise it’s always: later. or tomorrow…

A bit like back when I was studying for a degree – by which I mean I was officially studying, but really mostly I was procrastinating. The first year was the worst for that, because the essay requirements were so vague and fluid: we were told to write one essay sometime during the year, on any subject that we were studying… So I kept putting it off… first I was going to do it in the Christmas break, then I was going to do it in the Easter break, then there was the end of the year and no, I hadn’t done it… Somehow they let me off, not sure why… Thankfully in second year we had tighter deadlines and I actually did submit essays. All this makes me really appreciate the specific essay titles and strict deadlines on the course I’m doing now!

In other news: my husband and I have a new favourite game. It’s called Llamas in Pyjamas – a card game that came in a box saying “age 3 to 6” :) where you have to match pyjama tops and pyjama bottoms to make whole llamas, and all before bedtime. I got it for him for his birthday and we love it – it’s just the right level of silly for our liking.

And that’s all from me. Over to our correspondent in Llamaland.

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