Come and see!

img_20190411_111857-0168037818.jpegI was standing by the back door and looking at a tree. Specifically: at a little branch, with spring buds, in the gentle sunlight. My heart ached with the beauty of what I was seeing, and I felt: I’d love to share this beauty with people online, but I know I can’t. I can take a picture and share that (and for what it’s worth, here it is) but the picture won’t do it justice. Even if I edit it on Snapseed or whatever – it still won’t really show the beauty that I saw.

And words can’t do it either, even though I’m good with words.

And I thought: it’s a bit like when I try to tell people about God. My heart aches with the wonderfulness that I see, and I try to share some of that wonderfulness with people online, but I know my words can’t remotely begin to do justice to how wonderful God really is. I get speechless sometimes when I think about all that he’s done for me, about the utterly awesome grace he’s lavished on me though I deserve nothing good. I spent nearly three decades of my life ignoring him and rebelling and doing everything I knew to be wrong – and he reached out to me and offered me his Son as atonement for all my sins, and adoption into his family, and bucketloads of love…

I’ve been doing a theology course this year and the more I learn about God, the more I go: wow!!! he’s amazing!!! Jesus is just… wow! he did all this, out of love for us? wow! Passover is coming up and there’s a song we traditionally sing, called Daye’nu – about a whole load of stuff God did for us, with the theme being: if he’d only done this, it would have been enough, but he also did that… and this is how I felt when we were studying Christology, looking at a whole load of different aspects to what Jesus did for us in his incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension: if he’d only done this, I’d have been grateful, but wow, he also did that… Like, for instance, I knew he died to make atonement for our sins, which is awesome in itself (daye’nu!), but I hadn’t thought about what it was like for the holy Son of God to actually spend all that time living among sinful people and showing them love instead of, yanno, smiting them on the spot.

There’s more. There’s always more. Because God’s ways are so much greater and awesomer than ours, and my words can only scratch the surface. I can try telling you how wonderful he is, but I know that I can’t begin to do justice to such an awesome subject. And I’m conscious that each person reading this is going to have their own ideas about what God is like – whether it’s “figment of your imagination” or “big scary guy in the sky” or “nice cuddly santa” or whatever… If you haven’t met him yet, if you don’t know him personally, if you don’t have the intimate relationship with God that only Jesus can give, then you’ll be hearing what I say through some kind of filter… The only way you can really see the beauty I’m seeing is not through my lens or through my words but directly: come and see! come to Jesus and let him show you. let him take you into his wonderful kingdom and share with you all the beauty and the peace and the joy. My words can’t begin to…

Come and see.



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