No, I’m not drunk

I just got home to find that someone, somehow, despite all the security I have in place, managed to get into my WordPress account, pick three posts from my Drafts folder, and publish them. Two on this blog and one on another one. So if you are subscribed to this blog you’ll have seen a couple of very weird scraps… just the beginning of some thought or other that at some point in the past I planned to try and articulate but never got round to doing that. The one on the other blog is potentially a lot more embarrassing, not just to me but to someone else, but there’s not that many people who read that blog so I hope no harm’s been done. I’ve reverted it to draft for now, so no one can see it. No, not even whoever it was who published it, because I’ve changed my password now. But wow, that was scary.

Anyway, I’d been thinking that this blog has been quiet for a while… so, hi! yes, I’m still alive… I thought I’d have more time for blogging once my summer break from college started, but time’s just shot by… been busy with stuff in meatspace – you know, that place where you talk to people in 3d? and you don’t have to type a smily, you just smile and – amazing technology – they see it in real time!

This isn’t goodbye though, I’m pretty sure blogging will still sometimes happen, and anyway, if you’re bored you can browse through my old posts – there’s plenty there!

Thank you for flying Meirav Airlines. Enjoy the in-flight entertainment. Toodle pip!

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